Small Space Makeover!

I had the opportunity – at long last! – to pop down to the Mannsville Free Library and check out their recent renovation. (How recent? Ask me again when I regain my sense of time having a meaning.)

There was so much to love, from the new floors and seating area to the brightened walls and artwork, but I want to focus on how the new shelving units allow for maximum face-outs while making the most of the small space.

Exhibit A: Picture books are the arguably the most visually interesting titles in our collections. These shelving units. complete with fancy pull-out drawer, let picture books shine and are ideal for their target audience to browse.

Library picture books displayed face out in a shelving unit with a pull-out drawer.

Exhibit B: In a small space, it’s not always easy to highlight parts of the general collection – there just isn’t enough separate shelving. Unless you have double-sided, moveable shelving for the purpose! My holistic RA heart took particular joy in seeing DVD adaptations included with these print classics.

Exhibit C: Endcaps, galore! Not only a great place to highlight titles from your collection, but also periodicals and publications from library partners. This one graces the side of a shelving unit dedicated to local interest.

A great visit to a library making the most of their space. Thanks to Jean for giving me a tour!