Happy Tuesday! We are well into Mental Health Awareness Month, and today I’m sharing some ideas and resources to support your own mental health and the wellness of the young people you serve. This month is all about encouraging conversations, sharing facts and ending stigma. As a librarian you can model healthy emotions and make sure your patrons have access to accurate mental health information. If you or a patron you encounter needs more assistance, there are lots of wonderful resources available, and we’ve rounded up some of them on our Mental Health Libguide:

May’s Talking is Teaching theme is Worries – perfect for Mental Health Awareness Month! Download the newest content pack here:

Mental health and wellness for children starts with teaching them to identify and articulate the feelings that come with the ups and downs of life. Picture books are perhaps our best tools for allowing children to understand and name their feelings. Check out this Publisher’s Weekly article for some examples of how librarians have used picture books in storytimes to promote social emotional learning (SEL):

Here’s a simple craft that could easily be incorporated into an SEL storytime!

PD Corner

TODAY – Hot Summer Picture Books 

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Time: 2:00pm 

Looking for the hottest upcoming summer picture books? Look no further. With their wit, whimsy, and ability to spark the imagination, picture books remain a constant source of inspiration for readers of all ages. Join Booklist’s Books for Youth senior editor Julia Smith in this free, hour-long webinar on Tuesday, May 17 at 2 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. CT featuring representatives from Charlesbridge, Abrams Books, Clavis Publishing, Penguin Random House Library Marketing, and Holiday House! 


TODAY – Introduction to Creating a Library Makerspace 

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Time: 2:00pm 

Creating a makerspace in your library can be a rewarding adventure for your patrons allowing them to learn about and work with new pieces of technology. However, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Join Jordan Smith, the manager of Buffalo and Erie County Library’s popular Launch Pad Makerspace, who will discuss the many considerations that go into developing a library makerspace. Jordan will cover topics such as selection of the items, funding and promotion of the space. There will also be discussion on things to avoid and surprises that came up along the journey. Participants will be able to ask any burning questions on building makerspaces in their own libraries. 


Beginning Readers 101: Emergent Literacy Made Easy (Online)

Date: Wednesday May 18

Time: 11:00am

Are you lost in the sea of differing publisher leveling schemes, differing vocabulary standards, and the generally vast range of reading abilities at work in the Beginning Reader area of your collection? You’re not alone! The world of Early Readers is often as frustrating for parents as it is for us professionals.

In this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase will give you a variety of tools that you will be able to use to:

-Understand the challenges of the Emergent Reader market from the perspectives of publisher, buyer, and reader.

-Understand the leveling and coding systems used by several popular publishers and series.

-Improve your collection variety and depth

-Improve your shelving and reader’s advisory knowledge for emergent readers

Beginning Reader collections can be challenging both in terms of collection development and customer service. We will also discuss tips and tricks to help frustrated parents get their children on the road to independent reading.

You also still have time to check out the recordings from Jill’s previous sessions:



Mental Health Awareness: Depression Relief

Date: Friday, May 20

Time: 10:00am

In this presentation we will seek to better understand what depression is and how it impacts our lives. Coping skills will also be introduced for better management of mental wellness.


Support Summer Reading with your Gale NOVELny Resources 

Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 

Time: 2:00pm 

Your summer reading programs play an important role in encouraging students to keep their skills up and be better prepared for the new school year by engaging literacy skills. Your NOVELny resources can support these programs with additional reading materials to strengthen understanding of texts, engage readers with critical analyses of texts, and foster close reading of text. We’ll explore these ideas and more in this session 


Mental Health Awareness: Take Care After COVID

Date: Friday, May 27

Time: 10:00am

In this presentation we will explore ways to navigate a new normal, at the various stages of the pandemic and what things might look like after. Coping skills will also be introduced for better management of mental wellness.