RA for your Friday

We’re on the cusp of a new season, and the spring picks are starting to roll in! We’ve got lists of anticipated titles from Goodreads, USA Today, and Town & Country.

The April Library Reads and Indie Next lists are both out, in all their full-color, printable glory!

Everything, Everywhere All At Once was the big winner at the Oscars on Sunday. If your library doesn’t own a copy on DVD, this would be a great time to add one. And while people are waiting for their hold on the movie to come through, why not a display of next reads or multiverse novels?

In other pop culture news of the week, season one of The Last of Us is over, and fans of the show will be looking for something to tide them over until season two. No worries – we’ve got lists from Vulture, Lit Hub, The Booker Prize, and Game Informer.

In her blog post about the latest Booklist, Becky Spratford reminds us:

“We don’t need to always separate fiction and nonfiction in our displays; in fact, I have found that readers appreciate when fiction and nonfiction options are intermingle because too often readers forget one while looking for the other. They appreciate us more when we offer a potential read that they would not have ever picked up without our help.”

Co-sign! Sometimes readers want the thing they know and love, and sometimes they want the thing they didn’t know they wanted. Serendipity is the beauty of displays!

And since this seems to be a display-centric post, I’m happy to add that she also links out to two lists that would be a great start to an Earth Day display:

Finally, #FridayReads: Currently enjoying Pineapple Street, by Jenny Jackson, with a whole bunch of stuff on deck. I’ve been doing this thing where I start a book I’ve bought, and then my library hold comes in, so I put the owned book aside – and kind of never go back to it. (Looking at you, Marriage Portrait, and I do apologize.) Taking a break from audiobooks to delve into the Ologies podcast. Happy reading/listening!