COVID Safety Updates

In case you missed it last week, here are the handouts and the recording of Stephanie Adam’s (Ask the Lawyer) session on the new Covid guidelines. 

I’m also passing along a link to another recording from Bond, Shoeneck & King LLC regarding the new Covid updates.  I found this session extremely helpful.

While legal professionals in both recordings admit that details are a bit foggy and the guidance can change tomorrow, I believe there was some good takeaways from both sessions.  Here are the main points I found helpful:

  • Safety plans needs to be a modified to reflect current decision-making from the administration and board 
  • Any new protocol or safety measures your library adopts must point back to the safety plan
  • All other screening mandates are still in place (staff questionnaire, etc.)
  • If you are implementing a mandatory vaccination policy for employees, you must provide certain exemptions
  • Employee vaccine records are confidential health records and must be treated as such 
  • There is no legal law or mandate requiring organizations to require proof of vaccination
  • There is no legal law or mandate restricting organizations from requiring proof of vaccination
  • Just because an organization can legally require proof of vaccination doesn’t necessarily mean it should (there are privacy and ADA implications that could arise – especially when staff are not properly trained in ADA)

Please take the time to view the sessions that were provided, especially the BS&K one that I included.  There are other details that they talk about that I think you will find helpful.

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