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The North Country Library System is comprised of 66 independent member libraries throughout a four-county region. Search by county below, or find a printable directory here.

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Library NameStreet AddressCityZipcodePhone NumberWebsite URLEmail AddressCounty
Adams Center Free Library18267 State Route 177 PO Box EAdams Center13606-0517315-583-5501[email protected]Jefferson
Adams Free Library2 North Main Street
PO Box 58
Adams13605-1120315-232-2265[email protected]Jefferson
Macsherry Library112 Walton StreetAlexandria Bay13607-1203315-482-2241[email protected]Jefferson
Crosby Public Library59 Main Street
PO Box 120
Antwerp13608-0120315-659-8564[email protected]Jefferson
Belleville Philomathean Free Library8086 County Route 75 PO Box 27Belleville13611-0027315-846-5103[email protected]Jefferson
Brantingham-Greig Reading Center5186 Greig RoadBrantingham13345315-634-5790 Ext 6[email protected]Lewis
Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library101 Public Works Drive PO Box 253Black River13612-2102315-773-5163[email protected]Jefferson
Brownville Glen Park Library216 Brown Boulevard
PO Box 510
Brownville13615-0510315-788-7889[email protected]Jefferson
Badenhausen Public Library4 Main StreetBrasher Falls13613315-389-5033[email protected]St. Lawrence
Beaver Falls Library9607 Lewis Street
PO Box 75
Beaver Falls13305-0075315-346-6216[email protected]Lewis
Canton Free Library8 Park StreetCanton13617-3712315-386-3712[email protected]St. Lawrence
Carthage Free Library412 Budd StreetCarthage13619-1206315-493-2620[email protected]Jefferson
Cape Vincent Community Library157 North Real Street
PO Box 283
Cape Vincent13618315-654-2132[email protected]Jefferson
Lyme Free Library12165 Main StreetChaumont13622-0369315-649-5454[email protected]Jefferson
Hawn Memorial Library220 John StreetClayton13624-1098315-686-3762[email protected]Jefferson
Clifton Community Library7171 State Highway 3
PO Box 678
Cranberry Lake12927-0678315-848-3256[email protected]St. Lawrence
Hepburn Library of Colton84 Main Street
PO Box 7
Colton13625-0007315-262-2310[email protected]St. Lawrence
Croghan Free Library9794 State Route 812 PO Box 8Croghan13327-0008315-346-6521[email protected]Lewis
Central Square Library637 South Main StreetCentral Square13036315-668-6104[email protected]Oswego
Constableville Library3158 Main Street
PO Box 376
Constableville13325-0376315-397-2801[email protected]Lewis
Depauville Free Library32333 County Route 179 PO Box 239Depauville13632-0239315-686-3299[email protected]Jefferson
Dexter Free Library120 East Kirby Street
PO Box 544
Dexter13634-0544315-639-6785[email protected]Jefferson
Hepburn Library of Edwards2005 Main Street
PO Box 9
Edwards13635-0009315-562-3521[email protected]St. Lawrence
East Hounsfield Free Library19438 State Route 3East Hounsfield13601-5504315-788-0637[email protected]Jefferson
Ellisburg Free Library12117 State Route 193
PO Box 26
Ellisburg13636315-846-5087[email protected]Jefferson
Evans Mills Public Library8706 Noble Street
PO Box 240
Evans Mills13637-0240315-629-4483[email protected]Jefferson
Fulton Public Library160 South First StreetFulton13069-1720315-592-5159[email protected]Oswego
Reading Room Association of Gouverneur60 Church StreetGouverneur13642-1424315-287-0191[email protected]St. Lawrence
Hammond Free Library17 Main Street
PO Box 229
Hammond13646-0229315-324-5139[email protected]St. Lawrence
Hannibal Free Library152 Oswego Street
PO Box 174
Hannibal13074-0174315-564-5471[email protected]Oswego
Harrisville Free Library8209 Main Street
PO Box 207
Harrisville13648-2577315-543-2577[email protected]Lewis
Henderson Free Library8939 State Route 178
PO Box 302
Henderson13650-0302315-938-7169[email protected]Jefferson
Hepburn Library of Hermon105 Main Street
PO Box A
Hermon13652-0400315-347-2285[email protected]St. Lawrence
Heuvelton Free Library57 State Street
PO Box 346
Heuvelton13654-0346315-344-6550[email protected]St. Lawrence
Hopkinton Reading Center7 Church StreetHopkinton12965315-328-4113[email protected]St. Lawrence
Orleans Public Library36263 State Route 180
PO Box 139
LaFargeville13656-0139315-658-2271[email protected]Jefferson
Hepburn Library of Lisbon6899 County Route 10Lisbon13658-0086315-393-0111[email protected]St. Lawrence
Lowville Free Library5387 Dayan StreetLowville13367-1126315-376-2131[email protected]Lewis
Lyons Falls Library3918 High StreetLyons Falls13368315-348-6180[email protected]Lewis
Hepburn Library of Madrid11 Church Street
PO Box 40
Madrid13660-9801315-322-5673[email protected]St. Lawrence
Mannsville Free Library108 Lilac Park Drive
PO Box 156
Mannsville13661-0156315-465-4049[email protected]Jefferson
William H Bush Memorial Library5605 Whitaker Road
PO Box 69
Martinsburg13404-0141315-376-7490[email protected]Lewis
Massena Public Library41 Glenn StreetMassena13662-2088315-769-9914[email protected]St. Lawrence
Mexico Public Library3269 Main Street
PO Box 479
Mexico13114-0479315-963-3012[email protected]Oswego
Morley Library (Branch of Canton)7230 County Route 27Morley13617315-379-0066[email protected]St. Lawrence
Morristown Public Library200 Main Street
PO Box 206
Morristown13664-8833315-375-8833[email protected]St. Lawrence
Hepburn Library of Norfolk1 Hepburn Street
PO Box 530
Norfolk13667-3052315-384-3052[email protected]St. Lawrence
Norwood Public Library1 Morton StreetNorwood13668-0206315-353-6692[email protected]St. Lawrence
Ogdensburg Public Library312 Washington StreetOgdensburg13669-1518315-393-4325[email protected]St. Lawrence
Cogswell Free Library1999 County Route 2
PO Box 35
Orwell13426-0035315-298-5563[email protected]Oswego
Osceola Public Library2117 North Osceola RoadOsceola13316-5809315-599-7122[email protected]Lewis
Oswego Public Library120 East Second StreetOswego13126-5867315-341-5867[email protected]Oswego
Parish Public Library3 Church Street
PO Box 465
Parish13131-0465315-625-7130[email protected]Oswego
Phoenix Public Library34 Elm StreetPhoenix13135-1221315-695-4355[email protected]Oswego
Bodman Memorial Library8 Aldrich StreetPhiladelphia13673-0369315-642-3323[email protected]Jefferson
Port Leyden Community Library3145 Canal Street
PO Box 97
Port Leyden13433-0097315-348-6077[email protected]Lewis
Potsdam Public Library2 Park StreetPotsdam13676-2099315-265-7230[email protected]

[email protected]
St. Lawrence
Pulaski Public Library4917 North Jefferson StreetPulaski13142-4112315-298-2717[email protected]Oswego
Rensselaer Falls Library (Branch of Canton)212 Rensselaer Street
PO Box 154
Rensselaer Falls13680315-344-4155[email protected]St. Lawrence
Richville Free Library87 Main Street
PO Box 42
Richville13681-0042315-287-1481[email protected]St. Lawrence
Rodman Public Library12509 School Street
PO Box B
Rodman13682-0002315-232-4167[email protected]Jefferson
Russell Public Library25 Pestle StreetRussell13684-0510315-347-2115[email protected]St. Lawrence
Hay Memorial Library105 South Broad Street
PO Box 288
Sackets Harbor13685-0288315-646-2228[email protected]Jefferson
Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library6064 South Main Street PO Box 69Sandy Creek13145-0069315-387-3732[email protected]Oswego
Theresa Free Library301 Main StreetTheresa13691-2003315-628-5972[email protected]Jefferson
Thousand Island Park Library42822 St Lawrence Park Avenue, PO Box 239Thousand Island Park13692-1115315-215-4133[email protected]Jefferson
B Elizabeth Strong Memorial Library6312 East Main Street
PO Box 27
Turin13473-0017315-348-6433[email protected]Lewis
Hepburn Library of Waddington30 Main Street
PO Box 205
Waddington13694-0205315-388-4454[email protected]St. Lawrence
Roswell P Flower Memorial Library229 Washington StreetWatertown13601-3388315-785-7705[email protected]Jefferson
Town of Lewis Library1039 State Rt 26West Leyden13489315-942-6813[email protected]Lewis
Williamstown Library2877 County Route 17 PO Box 4Williamstown13493-3611315-964-2802[email protected]Oswego