Questions about the New Catalog?

Our new catalog is now live!

The North Country Library System is proud to announce the launch of Vega, a new mobile-friendly online catalog aimed at creating a more streamlined, efficient experience for library users. 

The new catalog allows library patrons to: 

  • Access the catalog from a computer, tablet, or smartphone 
  • Get improved search suggestions with the option to see related keywords  
  • See all of the relevant versions of the same title in one place, including audio and e-books 
  • Enable reader history to keep track of previous checkouts 
  • Bookmark titles to save for later as they browse through search results  
  • Customize communication preferences to include email or text messages 

Why does the North Country Library System need a new catalog?

As technology evolves, libraries adapt. We are committed to providing the best online experience for patrons to search and browse all library collections, from physical items to digital resources.

Can I still use the NCLS app?

The new catalog will come with a brand new app, which you can download as soon as it’s available. 

Will I need to re-register for my library card?

No, your current library card will transfer over to the new system. If you’re not sure if your current library card is still active, please contact your home library.

Will my current holds and checkouts on print materials disappear when the old catalog goes away?

No, any holds and checkouts that are on your library account when we move to the new catalog will transfer automatically. No action required on your part. 

Will I still be able to find online resources?

You’ll be able to access online resources (such as ArtistWorks or Universal Class) from your library’s website, or