New online catalog coming April 26! 

On behalf of our 65 member libraries, we’re very excited to announce that North Country library users will have access to a brand new online catalog this spring. On April 26, users will enjoy improved search tools, a clean, modern display, and the ability to easily manage accounts.

We’ll be adding more information to this page throughout the spring and summer, so be on the lookout for updates. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]


Why does the North Country Library System need a new catalog?

As technology evolves, libraries adapt. We are committed to providing the best online experience for patrons to search and browse all library collections, from physical items to digital resources. 

Here are just a few of the highlights of the new catalog: 

  • Users can easily manage their account, save searches, and organize lists 
  • Improved record displays provide all of the relevant versions of the same title in one place, including audio and e-books
  • Account information like holds and checked-out items are displayed on the interface at all times

When will this happen?

The last day to use our old catalog is Tuesday, April 18. The new catalog will launch on Wednesday, April 26. 

Will the libraries still be open during the week of the transition?

Yes, they will. The catalog transition will only affect the process of borrowing library materials. Libraries will still be open for computer use, Wi-Fi access, programs and reference help. 

Does that mean you won’t have an online catalog for a week?

Yes, it does. During the transition between the old catalog going away and the new catalog being up and running, our libraries and library users will not have access to an online catalog. We will not have the ability to issue new cards, check in items, place holds, or accept payment for fines from April 19 through April 25

Can I still borrow library materials during the transition week?

Yes, libraries will be checking out materials during the week our online catalog is down. We’ll just be doing it the old-fashioned way – no barcode scanning, and you’ll be limited to what the library has on its own shelves. 

What if my items are due back while the system is down?

The libraries will not be able to check in any items during the transition week. Any items returned to the library between April 19 and April 25 will be checked in between April 26 and May 1. Any items checked in during that time will be backdated to April 19. 

When is the last day for holds?

The last day to place a hold before we transition to the new catalog is Wednesday, April 12. The last day for a hold to be checked out before the transition is April 18.

Will I still be able to check out e-books during the transition week? 

Yes. The catalog transition will not affect your ability to borrow e-books and e-audio through the Libby app or our OverDrive page

Can I still use the NCLS app?

The new catalog will come with a brand new app, which you can download as soon as it’s available. The last day to use the old app is Tuesday, April 18. 

Will I need to re-register for my library card?

No, your current library card will transfer over to the new system. If you’re not sure if your current library card is still active, please contact your home library. Libraries will not be able to issue new cards April 19 through April 25

Will my current holds and checkouts on print materials disappear when the old catalog goes away?

No, any holds and checkouts that are on your library account when we move to the new catalog will transfer automatically. No action required on your part. 

Will I still be able to find online resources?

You’ll be able to access online resources (such as ArtistWorks or Universal Class) from your library’s website, or Once the new catalog is up and running, you’ll be able to find online resources there, too. 

Will my lists transfer to the new catalog?

Lists you have created in the current catalog will not transfer automatically. There is a way to print those lists in the current catalog, which would be helpful in rebuilding your lists in the new catalog.    Here’s how: Text Guide | Video Guide