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Normally, I’d do this roundup the first Friday of the new month, but I’ll be on vacation all next week, and by vacation, I mean intending to do things and napping instead. That being said, I do have a stack of books teetering on the (don’t worry, unplugged, cold as ice) space heater that I use as an additional surface to keep the books than won’t fit on my nightstand. Good time to make a dent in that.

Speaking of books! We’ve got April picks from Barnes & Noble, the LA Times, the NY Times, and Goodreads. We’ve also got spring picks from Entertainment Weekly and AARP.

Did someone say spring? We meant SUMMER. Yes, the Publishers Weekly Summer Reads for 2023 are here! Becky Spratford puts this on our radar every year and reminds us what a good tool it is – not only for upcoming titles, but for past ones, too:

Click through, check out the upcoming titles, but also look back at older titles, read the annotations, check genres you love and those you don’t normally read, especially those you don’t normally read because you will learn much about the current state of that genre [trends, popular authors] this year and going back a few years. You can both get access to some great sure bet suggestions AND brush up on your genre knowledge all in one place.”

Just a reminder that the last day for patrons (and staff) to place holds before the new catalog goes live is April 12 – which means patrons will be limited to the items they can find in the building when they visit your library between April 13 and April 25. In other words, a PERFECT opportunity to go all in on displays! Staff picks, page to screen, current events, and In Case You Missed It are always a good bet. Need more inspiration? April is National Poetry Month, National Financial Literacy Month, and National Garden Month. The only things I’ve ever planted in my yard that didn’t immediately die were enough spinach for half a salad and two small potatoes. Doesn’t mean I won’t impulsively grab a pretty gardening book if it’s faced out.

Finally, #FridayReads: Speaking of not placing holds, there comes a time when you have to read the books you actually own, and I am at that place. Last weekend, I finally went back to The Marriage Portrait and Really Good, Actually. On deck for this weekend is Tenacious Beasts, which is exactly my kind of nonfiction jam. I’m always up for reading about the natural world, probably because it’s the only way for me to enjoy it without having to take allergy medication. (See also: Gardening.) Happy reading!

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