RA for your Friday

This is such a transitional time of year. Late season beach trips are right smack up against the Halloween aisle at Michael’s. It’s the summerness of the state fair, but it’s the fallness of apple picking. You want to wear your new, plaid Clueless-style blazer on the first day of school, and it will guaranteed be 85 degrees on the first day of school. (You will still wear it. You are a stubborn child.)

All of which is to say that while we’re soaking up the last of the beach reads, we should also be thinking ahead to spooky season and making sure we have more than a few horror recommendations in our back pockets. Make sure you’re ready with these lists of new and upcoming horror from Goodreads, CrimeReads, and Esquire. (And of course, you know about the RA for All: Horror blog, right?)

The September lists for Library Reads and Indie Next are out – go ahead and print ’em out for yer corkboard.

Looking for a pop culture display? Town & Country has 20 Books Like Only Murders in the Building, and USA Today has LGBTQ Books to Read if You Loved Heartstopper.

Speaking of pop culture, Book Riot has 10 Books You Didn’t Know Were Getting Adapted. This is a great time to check your copies and make sure they’re in good shape for when people want to go back to the source material.

Finally, #FridayReads: The days are getting shorter, and I’m in the mood for weird. Just started Thistlefoot by GennaRose Nethercott and am listening to The Theory of Everything Else: A Voyage into the World of Weird, by Dan Schreiber. Happy reading!

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