RA for your Friday

Do my feet still hurt from wearing inadvisable (but sparkly) shoes to our Annual Meeting? Behold the blisters! Do I have a mild headache? Two Advils deep! Will these things stop me from talking books with you? Never. But will it be brief? It absolutely will.

The October lists for Library Reads and Indie Next are here! Go ahead and print ’em out for yer corkboard.

In other fall news, Entertainment Weekly has 41 New Fall Books, The Chicago Tribune has 75 Top Picks for Serious Reading Season, and Lit Hub has The Ultimate Fall 2023 Books Preview.

In awards news, the longlists for the National Book Awards have been announced.

Finally, #FridayReads: I’m between books right now, but I did read The September House from cover to cover on Sunday. Not only was it the perfect segue into spooky season, it unexpectedly filled the Stranger Things-shaped hole in my heart. (Strong Season 4 vibes.) Happy reading!

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