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It’s Groundhog Day, and winter takes as long as it takes. Which is great, because we can get that much more reading in. Let’s go!

New month, new lists! We’ve got February lists from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Time, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Today, and The Root. For all you genre fans, we’ve got fantasy from The Escapist, sci-fi from the New Scientist, mysteries and thrillers from Book Riot, and romance from Culturess.

In awards news, we’ve seen a few announcements since our last chat – most notably, the ALA’s Youth Media Awards. These are the Oscars of youth literature, so it’s always good to be familiar with the honorees (read some! they’re short!) – and add what you can to your collection. Check out new and recent YMA honorees in our OverDrive collection!

Did someone say Oscars? Town & Country has 7 books that Inspired Best Picture Nominees, and Book Riot goes one further and includes books tied to nominees in other categories. If you fold in past years’ nominees/winners, you’ve got a great display idea that highlights your backlist – score!

In other awards news, the preliminary ballot for the Stoker Awards has been released! If you’re new to horror, this is a great place to check out the latest and arguably greatest in the genre.

For yer radar: If you haven’t already heard the term “romantasy,” then let this Book Riot article be your introduction:

“From the novels of Sarah J. Maas to the blockbuster success of Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, novels combining epic fantasy and romance (aka romantasy) are having a moment. Especially popular are dark tales that plunge main characters into fights for their survival against magical, evil foes and serve up a dose of romantic tension along the way…”

Want to know more about romantasy? Of course you do.

Finally, #FridayReads: I’ve been a bit grabby lately, checking out and placing holds on everything that catches my eye. (What is it about winter that makes me gather them up like acorns?) Accordingly, I’m in the middle of a lot and close to finishing nothing. But I can report that this week I’ve been enjoying The Old Place, by Bobby Finger and the audio of Whalefall by Daniel Kraus. Happy reading!

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