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It’s a very special crossover episode! Summer reading is right around the corner, so let’s kick off with 5 ways your library can support reading this summer, adapted from Katie’s Summer Reading Guide:

  1. Encourage children to choose their own reading materials. This is what summer reading is all about – reading what you want, exploring your interests, and not worrying about whether the grown-ups think it’s ‘too easy’ or ‘too silly’ or whatever.
  2. Make sure you have materials they want to read for fun. If you’re not sure what’s popular right now, take a look at what holds keep coming across the circ desk. You could even hang some posterboard in your children’s section and ask them to add the books or series they love right now.
  3. Find ways to validate all reading – not just books but everyday reading like articles, instructions and websites. Kids who don’t see themselves as readers might be doing plenty of reading, but adults are telling them it doesn’t “count” – and yes, audio counts!
  4. Send kids home with books to keep, when you can. You can find information on where to find low-cost giveaway books on our Summer Reading Guide.
  5. Ask kids about their reading, and get excited about what they say! If a kid recommends a book to you, READ IT! It broadens your horizons, shows the child you respect their opinion, and gives you a jumping off point for building a relationship with that child. This is how we can help build a culture of reading – by engaging with readers.

And now, back to our scheduled program.

New month, new lists! We’ve got May picks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, the NY Times, People, Town & Country, and Time.

For all you genre fans, we’ve got sci-fi and fantasy from Lit Hub, sci-fi from New Scientist, romance from Book Riot, and a whole roundup of new and upcoming mysteries and thrillers from Booklist.

We’ve got new Book Club in a Bag titles coming next month! We’ll be adding:

Atomic Anna, by Rachel Barenbaum

The Milky Way: An Autobiography of our Galaxy, by Moiya McTier

This Is How Is Always Is, by Laurie Frankel

Let your book clubs know, and be on the lookout for a social media post in a few weeks.

In awards news, the Edgars have been announced.

Last call to buy books that weren’t sold at the YSS conference last month! We got them from a local independent bookstore to sell to conference attendees, and we’re really hoping to minimize the number of books we have to return unsold. Contact Kathy for titles and prices.

Finally, #FridayReads: Friends, I’m in a slump. My usual stuff (literary, mystery, social history) is on the nightstand, but I’ve been completely happy to step away from it. Usually when this happens, I try to find essays or short stories, something funny, and/or something totally out there, where you keep reading because you’re like, what am I even reading. Any suggestions? You know where to find me. Happy reading!

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