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In a small library, you may be the only person buying titles for your collection. But how to keep up with genres or formats you don’t know well? And what about when a patron asks for a recommendation? Don’t worry – North Country librarians are pooling our expertise on a variety of genres and formats to help you build your collection and provide excellent RA service. Check out our new deep dives into genre on our Collection Development Guide! Many thanks to Dorothy MEX and Linda Formerly-GOU for kicking us off with Literary Fiction and Horror, respectively. Mystery and sci-fi coming soon…

Moving right along to our regularly scheduled content!

We’ve got October picks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, What’s Nonfiction, and The Millions. For all you genre fans, we’ve got romance from SBTB, sci-fi, fantasy and horror from io9, and crime reads from CrimeReads.

In other October news, it’s Reading Group Month! In order to ensure that your patrons know about our Book Club in a Bag program, we’re sending out fancy new bookmarks. So, keep an eye out for those.

Fall picks continue with this list from Lit Hub, Booklist is putting a spotlight on romance, and NoveList is offering another crash course – this time on True Crime!

Finally, #FridayReads: I’m not outdoorsy (frankly, nobody could be more indoorsy), but that seems to be making reading about wildlife in Mary Roach’s latest book even more interesting. I’ll be on vacation next week, so hopefully I can make a dent in the rest of the stack on my metaphorical and literal nightstand. Happy reading!

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