Youth Services Roundup


Just a reminder, the next YS meetup(s) will take place on Wednesday, November 10. Sign up for the morning or afternoon session today!


Registration is now open for the first ever CSLP Summer Programming Symposium on December 2! All library staff that are interested in summer programming should consider attending this free, online event that will cover programming ideas, outreach/partnerships, and promotion/marketing. You can find more information, including the day’s schedule, on the CSLP website.


From Teen Services Underground: “I don’t have a huge YA section, but I have kept books that haven’t gone out because I loved them 20 years ago, or maybe because they fit a themed display (that obviously wasn’t very popular.) But by not weeding our collections, even if we technically have room for everything, we are doing the collection a disservice. Here are a few tips I have learned over the years that have helped me…”


From Adventures in Storytime: “The whole snake thing has been a running joke for a couple of months now, and it was a theme I had not done before, so I figured why not, plus I found a couple of cute songs/rhymes to go with it…”

Youth Services Roundup


It’s still not too late to register for the NYLA-YSS membership meeting! Join us on Thursday, October 28 at 4pm to hear what YSS has accomplished in the past year and learn more about how you can get involved! After the brief membership meeting, we will welcome a presentation from author Nina Crews. Sign up today!


And the winner of the Pollinator Pals giveaway is… Sandy Creek! Look for those in your next delivery, and everyone else, look for another giveaway soon!


From November 15-19, Let’s Move in Libraries and the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services will host a week-long event celebrating the inspiring work of libraries who spearhead StoryWalk(R) programs. Get more information – and submit your StoryWalk to be featured – here! In related news, the NYS Library is hosting a webinar focused on this perfect social-distancing outdoor literacy experience. Check it out!


From Youth Services Shout-Out: “Are you always asking yourself how to weed series? Do you wait until it is no longer popular and then get rid of the whole set, even if a few of them still circ? Are you afraid to get rid of even one book in a series because you think someone will come in wanting that one book in the series? NEWSFLASH-It will happen whether you try to prevent it or not…”

Youth Services Roundup


The next youth services meeting will be… two meetings! Once again, the vote was split right down the middle, and even though I could have totally flipped a coin, why do that when I can just schedule two sessions for the same day and increase my enjoyment of that day twofold? So, please join your fellow youth services crew on either the morning or the afternoon of Wednesday, November 10 for a discussion about programming, community engagement, opportunities for collaboration, and anything else on your mind.


If you’re like me, you’re always looking for some shiny new informational texts for your children’s nonfiction shelves, amirite? I’ve got just the thing – Pollinator Pals! It’s a brand new, five-volume set for elementary school-aged students by our very own North Country author (and longtime pal) Rebecca Donnelly! Just email me with the subject line “BEE A PAL!” by Friday (10/22) at 10am for your chance to win!


From the ALSC blog: “Behold the I spy tank! We have these at several of our branches. Staff fill the tanks seasonally, and post a sheet of items to find next to it. They also have made a sweet eye spy bulletin board. This is an easy, inexpensive and engaging activity for parents coming to the branches.”


From Teen Services Underground: “Fiction weeding can be just plain hard sometimes. We form emotional attachments to stories and what they represent. The subjective nature of fiction weeding adds a thick layer of complication to the task… Why not have my teen volunteers help me with my weeding project? After all, if these titles weren’t of interest to the teens in my community, then it would be much easier for me to part with them…”

Youth Services Roundup


From the ALSC blog: “More of our patrons are getting vaccinated against Covid-19 and our library systems are slowly easing back to normal operating hours and codes of conduct. Children’s librarians are still walking a tightrope of safely providing services while dealing with the reality that our charges (children ages 0-12 years old) are not able to get vaccinated yet. Outdoor programming is great for families that can make it work for their schedules and register far enough in advance to avoid being put on a waitlist. However most of my families do not fit into that category…”


From Jbrary: “Hmmm, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to do something different than read the book? Wait, I pondered, doesn’t this book have an easy-to-remember plot and odd-shaped characters who would be theoretically easy to replicate? Hmmm, I ruminated, wouldn’t it be possible to make this book into a puppet show??!!”


From Youth Services Shout-Out: “While there is not generally a huge amount of computer/technology manuals in the children’s non-fiction, it doesn’t hurt to go over what to keep and what to throw on the discard pile. With the rapid changes in technology and the constantly updating information about applications and programs, we need to stay on top of this section and make sure our books are current…”


From Adventures in Storytime: “This book is great for keeping the younger or more wiggly kids engaged because it is short and sweet, has simple bold illustrations with bright colors, and is very interactive…”