Trustee Education Update

The State Library has updated their Trustee Education Requirements website with a new sample trustee education policy for library boards to use.  Since the trustee training requirement (2 hours of annual training) takes effect starting in January, it’s also recommended that all library boards adopt a trustee education policy.  The sample policy is located on  The policy is also available on our trustee LibGuide.  

NCLS will be offering numerous opportunities throughout the year that will enable trustees meet their continuing education requirements.  Some additional information about the training requirements you should know:

  • Annual sexual harassment training does not count towards the 2 hours of annual trustee training
  • Keeping track of training hours is the responsibility of each trustee
  • Training hours should be recorded by the Board President (sample tracking sheet available in link above)

Angela Newman, our Continuing Education Coordinator, will be following up soon with more details about the training requirements and upcoming training opportunities.

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