Youth Services Roundup


From Teen Services Underground: “At my rural library, teens come to events looking for fun and socialization. There’s not much else to do in town (when I was in high school, I’d hear about people going to hang out at Walmart for “fun”), so I try to provide as much entertainment as possible at my events. This past year has been hard on my teens–many of them hang out digitally already; they weren’t really looking for more virtual options. And I missed being with my teens in person too. So finally being able to provide events in-person again, albeit outside, was exciting… So, of course, it started raining right as the program was to start…”


From Youth Services Shout-Out: “There are some mighty big planning and conversation going on around how fall youth programming might look in 2021. Given the fact that kids under 12 aren’t vaccinated yet, it suggests careful consideration on whether programs will be virtual or in-person. While we are hotted up right now, we know that cooler weather will present important challenges once again…”


From Brightly: “Mad Libs provide an entertaining and engaging way to teach kids about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and they can be used to reinforce essential grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary skills. Just fill in the blank for some wordy fun!”


Teen Librarian Toolbox shares their favorite MG and YA nonfiction series. Check it out!

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