Youth Services Roundup


ALA’s Youth Media awards have been announced! You can find the full list of winners here, and a selection of current and previous winners in our OverDrive collection here.


From the ALSC blog: “Connect & Play is a program we have been doing for many years. Here’s the play-by-play I’ve found makes for a successful experience for families in our current environment… A 2-3 hour period where children 0-5 years old and their caregiver/s can drop in for as long as they like. Each week, participants engage with 4-5 stations that support different aspects of early literacy & learning…”


From Teen Librarian Toolbox: “One fun way to incorporate programming with teens into your library is to play games. Yes, good old fashioned board games. We review them regularly here at TLT. Today I am sharing with you 3 board games that I want to try with teens…”


Jbrary shares their annual year-end list of favorite storytime picture books. Enjoy!

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