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Let’s kick things off with an easy program idea that could be a take and make or even a fully virtual series on your social media: Microwave Mondays! Margaret Kingsport is the teen librarian at Fayetteville Free Library, and during the early days of the pandemic, she thought about how many kids might be at home eating cold or reheated food because they couldn’t safely cook for themselves. But if a kid can use their microwave, there are lots of great things they can actually cook independently, ranging from fudge to fried rice to scrambled eggs. 

To keep things really simple, just record yourself (or a young helper) doing each step of a microwave recipe, post it to your library’s social media, and ask viewers to tag the library if they make the recipe. 

If you want to get fancy with it, you could provide the shelf-stable ingredients in a bag along with a recipe card (maybe even pair this with a branded library mug Friends fundraiser?) 

A few tips: Kids should have an adult on hand the first time they attempt any of these recipes. Mugs or bowls will be HOT when they come out, so oven mitts are a must. Every microwave is different, so cooking times are approximate, and after the first few minutes you may want to cook in 10 or 20 second increments and check frequently. And a plate or saucer under the mug is smart for some recipes to prevent overflow messes. 

Be sure to check out Margaret’s examples on Instagram @fflteen, and here are some simple recipes to get you started: 

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An important perspective on a sensitive topic: what is age-appropriate for teens? The author asks adults to put aside their discomfort and really consider what information and stories teens need access to during these years when they may be experiencing curiosity, fear, or shame about their bodies and identities.

Sex in Young Adult Books Is Age Appropriate

Support from the National Coalition Against Censorship

If you experience a book or program challenge, there is now a confidential national hotline to report it and help you through it. 

NCAC Launches Book Challenge Crisis Hotline and Censorship Database | News Bites | School Library Journal


Seven year old Inara is reading half a dozen books or more each night, aiming to read every book in her public library’s picture book collection.

Read all about it: Seven-year-old aims to read 3,000 books

Better Nate Than Ever is coming to Disney+

Better Nate Than Ever Trailer Reveals New Disney+ Musical Comedy

For the book geek in all of us, the New York Times explains how a book is made

How a Book Is Made – The New York Times

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