Youth Services Roundup


From the ALSC blog: “More of our patrons are getting vaccinated against Covid-19 and our library systems are slowly easing back to normal operating hours and codes of conduct. Children’s librarians are still walking a tightrope of safely providing services while dealing with the reality that our charges (children ages 0-12 years old) are not able to get vaccinated yet. Outdoor programming is great for families that can make it work for their schedules and register far enough in advance to avoid being put on a waitlist. However most of my families do not fit into that category…”


From Jbrary: “Hmmm, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to do something different than read the book? Wait, I pondered, doesn’t this book have an easy-to-remember plot and odd-shaped characters who would be theoretically easy to replicate? Hmmm, I ruminated, wouldn’t it be possible to make this book into a puppet show??!!”


From Youth Services Shout-Out: “While there is not generally a huge amount of computer/technology manuals in the children’s non-fiction, it doesn’t hurt to go over what to keep and what to throw on the discard pile. With the rapid changes in technology and the constantly updating information about applications and programs, we need to stay on top of this section and make sure our books are current…”


From Adventures in Storytime: “This book is great for keeping the younger or more wiggly kids engaged because it is short and sweet, has simple bold illustrations with bright colors, and is very interactive…”

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